Technical stuff

This site is written using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3 and Java. Some charts are created using Java from highcharts and others using D3.

The stats on this site are recorded in a MySQL database. Here's a summary of some of the records:-

  • 16,986 matches
  • 207 teams
  • 391 referees
  • 384 venues
  • 228 coaches
  • 3,545 players

Match results data can be seen in tabular form in the Fixtures section. The Tables section is created automatically by drawing data from the database - as is the more in-depth Analysis section.

Pages have been designed so that once data is entered (following the completion of a match), all fixture lists, tables and analytical graphs are automatically updated. Any delays to this updating process are either caused by a possible delay in data entry, or by a slight mismatch in timing around the date of a fixture being completed. Should a delay take place, the default result is a 0-0 draw, so sometimes you may see this result in the fixtures section or when links are followed to the club index section (for example, the index page for Exeter Chiefs).


Data used to populate the database comes from a varierty of sources. Where possible, data from the official competition web site is used. Where this is not available, every effort is made to use other well-respected sources of data. For example, the official Top14 web site used to contain attendance figures. Since the site was upgraded, these have now disappeared. As a result, data is being sourced from L'Equipe.

More in-depth records are also being input from the excellent web site, but sadly, records on scrum-count etc. are not available for all games.

A close inspection of historical data (see the English Premiership fixture history) shows that some records are incomplete (for example, missing data on who has refereed games). Every effort is being made to complete the database, but given the nature of data entry, progress is slow (allowing for the fact that the data is even availbale).


Given the task of manually entering data, errors inevitably occur. Should you find any such mistakes, or should you have access to verifiable data where records on this site are incomplete, please contact us through the link at the foot of this page. Where data is cited, we would like this site to be as accurate as possible.